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About Christopher Nico - Reins Studio. 
Christopher Matthew Nico Wang, a professional Freelance Illustrator / CG Artist from Indonesia. 
Best known as specialist on Cover Art, Caricature and Trading Game Card. 

Providing services for high quality digital illustration with various art styles. His style of drawing may be as varied as the colours of a chameleon but one thing is constant - A Quality. His clients are various companies, such publisher, printing, games developer/publisher, educating institute, individual clients, etc. Serve both on Local Companies and International Companies. 

The names and philosophy of the studio. Reins Studio, "Rein" it means "Pure" ( In Germany Language ). Christopher Nico always put a pure spirit and passion into arts, care about the client ask and are not just out to make money because for the price client pay. His client certainly get the value, quality and satisfication.  

On Reins Studio's logo and corporate color, Christopher Nico chose an Orange color to represent : Passion into arts, care about the client ask and also the value, quality and satisfication. White color to represent : Always put a pure spirit into arts.

"A True Passions = Not just by thinking but by challenging your inner self to a higher level, it takes a lot of guts to do... Never to be satisfied but be humbled at what you can do... Let your creative desire flow freely to achieve your ultimate dreams - Christopher Nico."

Professional Services Concept Art, Character Design, Entertainment Illustration, Advertising Illustration, Comic Production and Graphic Design.

Various Illustration Project  Caricature | Comic Cover/ Interior Page/ Pin Up | Children's Books | Trading Card Game | Invitation | Game's Concept Art & In Game Art | Novel’s/ Book’s Cover & Illustration | Character Design | T-shirts Design | Toys Design | Logo & Mascot | Advertising: Poster, Postcard & Storyboard | Mural/  Wallpaper for Shop, CafĂ© and Restaurant's Interiors, Etc.  

Happy Wonderful Christmas 2013 & New Year 2014
We would like to wish you a Wonderful Blessed Merry Christmas 2013 and Awesome Happy New Year 2014!! :)
Reins Illustration Studio will Temporary Closed / Production is Not Active 08 May - 14 May 2013.
Reins Illustration Studio will Temporary Closed / Production is Not Active for 08 May - 14 May 2013. We will be travelling overseas and unable to reach. If you have a question please message on Facebook Message and Email, we will reply as soon as we back. Thank you everybody for all your understanding and support - Reins Illustration Studio, Reins Collectible Premium Caricatures, Christopher Nico :)
 Happy Wonderful Christmas 2012 & New Year 2013
Dear All Customer, Friends and Colleagues :)
Reins Studio will be closed on 24 - 25, 26 December For Christmas Holiday 2012. Reins Studio will be closed again on 31 December, 1 - 2 January 2013 For New Year Celebration Holiday.

Reins Studio Wishing to all a Wonderful Merry Christmas 2012 & Spectacular Happy New Year 2013! :D
Hi All. We are Reins Illustration Studio - Continuously looking for collaborators in various industries and Companies. Such as : Advertising Industry, Movie Maker, Musician, Fashion Industry, Publisher, Entertainment Theme Park, Creative, Games and Comic Industry, Etc :)

If you have what it takes and would love to collaborate with us, we would love to get to know you. Please send your information to:
Reins Illustration Studio Proudly Announce Our Product.

Gifts and souvenirs are reflective of self-personality is the current tread these days. With retrospect to a thousand gifts in the market, stands out in terms of uniqueness and the individuality factor. It also inherits original-cuteness and memorable attributes which makes it an invaluable gift.

With Reins Collectible Premium Caricature, it can be as good as a present for your: Lover, Good friends, Colleagues, Family, Schoolmates, Clients, etc. Likewise, it is also equally attractive for occasion like: Baby Born, Birthday, Marriage, Farewell Dinner, Graduation Ceremony, Valentine’s Day, Father’s and Mother’s Day and etc.

They are made up from customers character and personality. High quality, details, client/consumer satisfied are our top priority :)