About The Artist

Christopher Matthew Nico Wang ( Nico Wijaya ) is a professional Freelance Illustrator / CG Artist from Indonesia. Best known as specialist on Cover Art Books & Premium Caricatures.

Began working on creative industry at the age of 20. Since then Nico has worked on variety of projects for various company. In 2004, Nico began working as cover artist on Youth Daily Devotional an Indonesian monthly magazine. From this project, Nico gained well known and famous as an illustrator and cover artist from people on his country.

Always love a pure, cheerful and imaginative children world, Nico self studied a children character building. Then on 2006, Nico launched his own children books series for Indonesian major publisher, Gramedia Pustaka Utama - Edutivity Division. All stories, concept, characters and illustration are created by him. The stories have been written in a fun, amusing and simple way for early childhood.

In 2007, Nico lent his talent to game industry - a partnership between local developer and Canadian game publisher for Massive Multiplayer Online Game project, as Senior Artist, Concept Artist and In Game Art Artist.

And on 2008, Nico worked on New Zealand's franchise company, a kids amusement and educational playland, as Head of Creative Departement, which involved and had creative supervision and consulting on branding, concept, strategy and promotional things.

Nowdays as freelancer Illustrator & Designer, Christopher Nico and Agnes Christina ( his wife ) established their own small company, Reins Studio, with sub division: Reins Illustration Studio, Reins Creative House and Reins Collectible Premium Caricatures. Together they are providing services for high quality design and digital illustration with various art styles. Their style of design and drawing may be as varied as the colours of a chameleon but one thing is constant - A Quality.

Their clients are various companies, such publisher, printing, games developer/publisher, educating institute, individual clients, etc. Serve both on Local Companies and International Companies.

Christopher Nico always put always put a pure spirit, passion and perfection into arts. Care about the client ask, and not just to make money because for the price that client pay. His client certainly get the value, quality and satisfication.


Petra Christian University ( PCU ).
Visual Communication and Design.
Year : 2001 - Present.
Surabaya City, Indonesia.

Ciputra University ( UC ).
Visual Communication and Design.
Year : 2006.
Surabaya City, Indonesia.


UBS EG Color Gemstone Jewelry 2007. Jewelry Roadshow.
Judge for Jewelry Design Design Competition 2007.
Galaxy Mall, Surabaya City, Indonesia.

Lomba Desain/ Design Competition By QVOD Skin Notebook
Pameran SCOMDEX XX, Jatim Expo.
29 Oktober 2010 - 2 November 2010.
Surabaya City, Indonesia.

Lomba Anime/ Anime Manga Style Illustration Competition.
Theme: I Wish One Day I Become...
Exhibitor : EdLink + ConNex Education Consultant, Surabaya Branch Event.
15 January 2011, Sheraton Hotel.
Surabaya City, Indonesia.


Music :
Swing Jazz, Classic, Pop, Soundtrack, John Williams, David Foster, Michael Buble & Michael Jackson.

Movies :
Disney's, Pixar's, Iron Man, Star Wars, Indiana Jones, Ip Man, 50 First Dates, Click, Shrek, High School Musical, Pirates of Carribean & Back To The Future.

Interest :
Arts, Illustration, Comics, Figurine Collectible, Music, Movies, Interior Design, Phsycology, Entrepeneurship, Self Development, Culinary & Travelling.

Famous Person :
Christopher Reeve, Leonardo Da Vinci, David Beckham, Bruce Lee, Michael Jordan, Jim Lee, John Byrne, Adam Hughes, Adi Granov, Drew Struzan, Stjepan Sejic, Renato Guedes, Gary Frank, James Cameron, Robert Downey. Jr as Tony Stark.


"Do not look back the past, it has gone. Just learn from it. Don't be worried about future because it hasn't come yet, but it's important to think and make plan and vision for the future. Live in the present, and make it day by day so beautiful, that it will be worth remembering" - Christopher Nico.

"If you fell down, stand up again, learn from mistakes, don't give up! Because this is not perfect world and we are not perfect people" - Christopher Nico.

"For I Can Do Everything, With The Help Of Christ. Who Gives Me The Strength I Need. He has Create Us A New In Jesus Christ, So That We Can Do The Good Things He planned For Us Long Ago". Philippians 4:13, Ephesians 2:10.

"Before We Doing Some Act Or Speak, Think For Long Term First. Therefore We Can Reduce Or Minimalize Risk For Ourself ( Learn To Be Wise & Mature ). Most Important Thing Is Because We Can NOT Turn Back Time" - Christopher Nico.

"True Passions = Not just by thinking but by challenging your inner self to a higher level, it takes a lot of guts to do.. never to be satisfied but be humbled at what you can do.. let your creative desire flow freely to achieve your ultimate dreams..."  - Christopher Nico."


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