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Welcome To Official Blog Of Christopher Nico.

About Christopher Nico - Reins Studio.
Christopher Matthew Nico Wang, a professional Freelance Illustrator / CG Artist from Indonesia. Best known as specialist on Cover Artist, Pin up Artist, Caricature and Trading Game Card. Providing services for high quality digital illustration with various art styles. His clients are various local company and international company.
The names and philosophy of the studio. Reins Studio, "Rein" it means "Pure" ( In Germany Language ). Christopher Nico always put a pure spirit and passion into arts, care about the client ask and are not just out to make money because for the price client pay. His client certainly get the value, quality and satisfication.  


Professional Services

Concept Art, Character Design, Entertainment Illustration, Advertising Illustration, Comic Production and Graphic Design.

Various Illustration Project

Caricature | Comic Cover/Interior Page/Pin Up | Children's Books | Trading Card Game | Invitation | Game's Concept Art & In Game Art | Novel’s/Book’s Cover & Illustration | Character Design | T-shirts Design | Toys Design | Logo & Mascot | Advertising: Poster, Postcard & Storyboard | Mural/Wallpaper for Shop, Café and Restaurant's Interiors, Etc.